Creating stories narrated by light & curated by nature, here evolved the concept of manufacturing the LUCEM light products where we gladly begin a new age for the world of lighting fixtures. We believed in the power of concrete as a material and the beauty of light as a complimentary element. The result was a combination for both of them, an illuminating entity dressed in translucent concrete.

Moreover & as we experimented with our creation, we started designing different lighting fixtures that can be engaged within the interior or the exterior of any space, giving it a special character. Today, we are extremely proud to provide the market with two of our main products, LUCEM Light Products & LED Paving Panels.










The Shadow theatre is an ancient story teller technique that used silhouettes and light to narrate stories.

LUCEM Lights started with the concept of creating a shadow theatre within a light fixture made of translucent concrete. Our first collection, LUCEM one was the starting point, where the design was basic, using only one color of translucent concrete. Adding objects to the inside of the fixture creates projections to the outside of the translucent concrete as a translation to the Shadow Theatre concept, transferring personalized stories and ideas. So, this lighting fixture is the user’s own hybrid shadow theatre customized in a form of silhouettes and a play of shadows.


This play of shadows inspired the next collections’ designs; by using different materials and colors, putting them together in different designs, to create various manipulations of light and shadow.




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